Europe-wide Data Protection

Business life and thus data processing have become globalized.

Europe-wide Data Protection

Modern data traffic does not respect national boundaries. CYBERLEGAL enables lawful cross-border data flows and offers data protection counselling for legal matters in the European judicial area.

Data Protection must be considered from an international point of view.

We are a German lawyers office located in the heart of Europe and ideally positioned there to deal with the topic of data protection and IT security in cross-border data flow. Our decade-long experience and work as data protection officers in many major companies in Europe makes us one of the leading lawyers offices in this expert field. Attorney-at-law Robert Niedermeier, one of the heads behind CYBERLEGAL, can in the meantime look back at 25 years of experience in this expert field and his clients include some of the best-known and largest companies in the world.

CYBERLEGAL provides counseling to companies, data protection officers and IT officers in all issues with respect to European data protection (especially in Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania).

Attorney-at-law Robert Niedermeier is a registered data protection officer at the data protection supervisory authorities in Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and Austria.

Attorney-at-law Tim Faulhaber is a registered data protection officer in Germany at companies that have to deal with international data transfers on a daily basis.

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