Data Protection

Company support and data privacy regulations

Data Protection

Data Protection is a legal obligation and an indication of quality. CYBERLEGAL supports companies in complying with data protection and data privacy regulations.

Data protection is a human right

Data protection does not primarily address the protection of data. Instead, data protection is intended to preserve the right of informational self-determination. A basic need for protection against abusive data processing has been growing worldwide since the 1970s.

For example, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany determined in a verdict in 1984 that under the conditions of automatic data processing, no information can be judged as being insignificant anymore. (BVerfGE 65,1). This wide scope of the right to informational self-determination leads to a situation where companies increasingly have to deal with legal requirements and proper use of data processing.

Companies as well as their business partners, customers and employees perceive data protection as a significant part of corporate life.

The more efficient the Data Protection, the better the corporate business.

This development currently leads to a European Data Protection Directive that will lead the way globally in the handling of personal data.

With more than 20 years of experience in the areas of data protection, data security and information technology, we provide solutions for all data protection-related issues in your company.

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