Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)

We empower companies

Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)

We empower companies to transfer data globally using our tailor-made BCRs, flexibly and in a cost-efficient way.

Binding Corporate Rules, or in short BCR, are internal, company-wide regulations that regulate the handling of personal data in European companies in a clear and legally binding way.

When transmitting personal data to companies located outside of the European Union, an adequate level of data protection must exist at the receiving body. Such an adequate level of data protection can be reached by giving guarantees, such as using Binding Corporate Rules.

CYBERLEGAL offers tailor-made BCRs for companies. Our BCRs are designed to be flexible and practical so that entire groups of companies can profit from simplified processes.

CYBERLEGAL develops rules individually, comprehensively and tailored to the requirements of your company thereby allowing you to exchange data with companies and associations in third countries in a manner conforming to the law.

We ensure correct and consistent implementation with pre-defined controls and audits and in addition implement complaints procedures. Data protection officers and involved employees are trained accordingly and are kept up to date about continuous communication within an internal network.

With our newly created Processor BCRs, companies are able to provide proof of an adequate data protection level to both customers and data protection authorities.

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