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We advise and assist companies in the IT industry, medical sciences, banking sector, online vendors, as well as medium and large-sized companies in the manufacturing sector.

Europe-wide Data Protection
Europe-wide Data Protection

We have specialized in cross-border data protection throughout the whole of Europe. For example, attorney-at-law Robert Niedermeier has 25 years of experience in this field and is today an appointed data protection officer for many international companies (most of them at the top of the Fortune 500 list).

Binding Corporate Rules
Binding Corporate Rules

BCR are a proven data protection program that with legally-binding, internal guidelines and clearly defined controls enables the controlled data exchange of EU companies in third countries. CYBERLEGAL empowers companies with the implementation of our own developed BCR in a simple and cost-effective way.

Medical Data Protection
Medical Data Protection

In telemedicine in particular, completely new challenges have arisen for the protection of sensitive data. During the last 15 years we have been accompanying technical and legal developments and are appointed as data protection officers in various clinics (including an international leading university clinic).

Focus of Activitiy

We offer extensive legal advice in the following areas of practice

Data Protection

Data protection is a legal obligation and an indication of quality. CYBERLEGAL supports companies in complying with data protection and data privacy regulations.

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IT security is not only a technical necessity. Companies also have a legal obligation to guarantee an adequate level of data protection.

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Facing an increasing number of regulations, companies in Germany and Europe have to respect the law when making use of IT systems.

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Binding Corporate Rules (BCR)

We empower companies to transfer data globally using our tailor-made BCRs, flexibly and in a cost-efficient way.

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In a digital world, participation in legal transactions can be dangerous. CYBERLEGAL pleads your case in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

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Europe-wide Data Protection

Today’s data traffic knows no national borders; CYBERLEGAL enables legitimate cross-border data traffic and offers you data protection counselling for legal matters in all of Europe.

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We empower companies to lawfully collect, process and use personal data


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E-Book for employees spezialised in

E-Book IT and Cyberlaw 2016/2017

Our law firm has contributed to the German “E-Book für Fachkräfte in IT und IT-Recht 2016/2017” by Euroforum.

It features 15 brand new articles about current hot topics in IT and IT law. Professional authors have summarized important issues and relevant topics in step with actual practice in IT and IT law – in order to enable you to make quick and informed decisions in your daily business.

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Industry 4.0

Data Protection in industrial production

CYBERLEGAL supports companies in the manifold and in part entirely new challenges in the area of data protection and IT protection. Because only when the occurring flood of data pertaining to Industry 4.0 really is secure and has been directed into the correct legal and economic channels will you as a company profit from the investments in the necessary physical and cyber systems and corresponding processes with minimal risk.

Industry 4.0 is a future project of the German government and the German industry. Its goal is the Smart Factory which is distinguished through versatility, resource efficiency, ergonomic design as well as the integration of clients and business partners in business and value-added processes. Technological basis is the “Internet of Things”.

  • In digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?

    Al Gore Politician
  • Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age.

    Andy Grove Businessman
  • Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.

    Marlon Brando Actor
  • Once you've lost your privacy, you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing.

    Billy Graham Clergyman
  • Unless a president can protect the privacy of the advice he gets, he cannot get the advice he needs.

    Richard M. Nixon Politician

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